What gaseous waters to slim down?

Soda water for slimming

Could consumption of sparkling water cause weight loss? This is what the nutritionist Dr. Alexandra Dalu explains to us by advising us the best waters to lose weight.

Nutrient intake of carbonated water

Some mineral-rich mineral waters such as magnesium and bicarbonate, if consumed after meals, facilitate the digestion of fat by limiting their absorption, says Alexandra Dalu in his work “The 100 accepted ideas that prevent you from going good. “

Foods such as cheese, junk food, meats, sweets, refined cereals and fish that encourage body mass are gradually being eliminated thanks to these waters. To this first advantage is accompanied that of magnesium-rich gaseous waters, which prevent constipation.

According to Alexandra Dalu, when sparkling water is consumed, it does not matter, it can be drunk before, during or after meals. She denies the rumor of the risk of bloating caused by these drinks: “During a meal, we feel bloated because we eat too much and too quickly, not because of the bubbles. “

The specialist also advises to consume this water at a moderate temperature with each meal, to quickly regain the feeling of satiety and push back the desire to nibble.

The disadvantages of certain carbonated waters

Despite their slimming properties, some gaseous waters, that is, those with sodium, cause swelling and increased hunger. This deficiency is accompanied by the harmfulness of these drinks for people suffering from water retention or arterial hypertension, due to an excessive amount of bubbles or salt

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