Tricks to take care of yourself

take care of yourself

Some days, we spend our time running around, and doing a lot of things at the same time. It is exhausting, and we do not give ourselves enough time for ourselves. And just so, we gave ourselves a moment to relax, and breathe a little? Come on, it’s decided, we give ourselves a cocooning bubble. And for that, we have selected our best tricks to take care of yourself . Do not hesitate to do them from time to time, you’ll see how good it is!

Make a homemade scrub

A house scrub for the body is ideal, because it allows to have the skin soft and cleaned. One will have the impression of purifying oneself of all those ugly impurities which we encumber a little too much. And for this, here is the perfect recipe. This house scrub is effective and economical , it will allow you to relax, and pamper your skin. In addition, it requires only two minutes of preparation.

Have soft hands

Throughout the day, we ask a lot of our hands. Making food, driving, writing, using the telephone … And often it shows! They become rough and less pleasant. As for our nails, it happens too often to nibble and gnaw. And the result is not pretty either. Fortunately, Grandma is there. Here is a very good tip to take care of yourself , with a recipe for having soft hands .

Have relaxed feet

Just like the hands, our feet do not stop! Who never sat down in an armchair at the end of the day, feeling how much they make us suffer ?! The ideal would be to give them some care. Here’s how to  have soft and relaxed feet . A recipe that we often use after long days of work or walking.

Make a purifying mask

Think about your face too! How pleasant it is to put a mask on it, and to make it enjoy its benefits. Thanks to this, your skin is softer, but also cleaned. For a unified complexion with fewer buttons, we recommend that you make this purifying mask , for which you only need two ingredients. It’s fast, natural and economical!

With all these tips and articles, we hope that you will spend a pleasant moment of relaxation and that you will more often give yourself time to take care of yourself . After all, we all deserve it!


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