Tips on How to Spot a Fake Psychic

People in Florida spend a lot of time and money to find a reliable psychic that can give them answers to their questions and seek guidance. The psychic industry is very profitable to the point that almost all available psychic in the market today are frauds trying to make a quick buck. If you search psychic in Orlando alone, you can find at least a hundred of these so-called psychic that offers you genuine advice. The question is, can you differentiate a genuine psychic from fake ones? We list some advice on how to spot the difference between a genuine psychic from con-artists.

Make sure the psychic comes from a reputable source.

If you are looking for a genuine psychic, make sure someone you trust recommended it to you. It is difficult to validate whether the psychic is a fraud or not if you just found it on the internet. Recommendations through word of mouth are the best way to find a reliable psychic. It is best to give an extra effort to research the psychic you are about to see. Ask people who are also fond of going to a psychic. Never, I mean NEVER trust a psychic claiming they are the best, but you have never heard their name. If a psychic is a legit one, finding them is not that hard. This profession is not that big, if a psychic is good and legit, people will talk about them.

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Spells and curses are not real.

If a psychic told you that someone cast a curse on you or you have a spell, 100% of the time, that psychic is a fraud. They will tell you some of the top stories about curses and spells, and how they helped someone with the same predicament as you. It all comes down to bad luck and good luck. Bad lucks are not curses or spells. You just have to work your way with the bad luck to get your good luck. Positivity is the key. If you face the challenges in your life or the “bad luck” with a positive attitude, good luck will come. Curses and spells are all nonsense, don’t be fooled.

If you feel down or helpless, don’t see a psychic.

Avoid psychics at ALL cost if you are grieving, helpless or you feel down. Emotions are high and you can’t think straight. That will be a perfect time to con you. A good psychic will refer you to a good counselor if you need someone to talk to. Frauds will prey on the emotions of people. If they see you as a vulnerable victim, they will not think twice to milk money out of you. There’s a saying, If there’s no one to scam, the scam artists will cease to exist. Be very vigilant. 

1-800 hot lines are traps for emotionally distressed people.

People who just experienced breakups, grieving family members or people who just lost their jobs are usually the victims of these fraud 1-800 hot lines. It is OK to call these hot lines once, but if they ask you for more money after every session, you have to think twice. A psychic can help you give closure to your problems, but they don’t have all the answers to your problems. 1-800 hot lines are money generating businesses, the more you call them, the more money they generate. Helping you with your problem is the least of their concerns.

Psychics are known to say ridiculous stuff to get your attention.

Some of their stories are so out of this world, you’ll have to be nuts to believe them. “You can’t have children after 30” or “Marry, before 25 or you’ll not find someone to marry”. Things like these are all baloney. Real psychics don’t plant seeds of fear to their client just to look legit. They help you understand, answer your questions and helps you give closure to any doubts in your life.

There are lots of psychic in Orlando but finding a reliable one is hard. Justifying this profession to people is hard enough, How much more if frauds and con-artists will dominate this noble profession.

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