Things You Can Do To Ease Shoulder Pain

You may start experiencing severe pain in your shoulder muscles, tendons or ligaments and do not know what to do in this situation. If there is a pain in your body, you cannot concentrate on any other thing. There is no age bar and people of all ages experience shoulder pain. People who are living a sedentary lifestyle or are using tablets or laptops for long hours on a single stretch are prone to develop this situation. There are several ways to alleviate your shoulder pain. You need to learn more about shoulder pain so that you can help yourself.

to learn more about shoulder pain

Over the counter medicines

There are simple non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) to reduce pain. You can buy creams and tablets from any chemist shop without any prescription. It is advised not to use the medicines more than 15 days without consulting your physician.

Apply heat or cold

If your shoulder pain has started after an injury and the area is inflamed, touch it and find out if it is a warmer in comparison with the other side. In this case, you can apply ice pack, leave the ice pack for 10 minutes or so. Do not use ice packs directly on your shoulder because it may cause irritation on your skin.

Other types of shoulder pain can be decreased by using heat pad. If your muscles are sore and tense, it will help you.

  • You can use a heat pad.
  • Use hot water bottle

Correct your posture

Your posture or wrong working habits can worsen the situation. If you lean forward while working for long periods or you do it quite often while sitting. This may aggravate the symptoms. In this situation, you have to change your position frequently and sit in a chair, which gives you complete support in upright position.learn more about shoulder painand this will help your avoid possible mistakes you may be making unknowingly.

Reduce the strain 

It is normal to do regular household chores, but if there is a problem, you need to take special care. Your body is designed to do the movements, but your pain will limit the movement.

  • When you are cleaning your home with a vacuum, you need to keep your upper body straight. Keep cleaner close to your body and this will not put extra pressure on your lower back and shoulders. Take short sweeping movements and you will be able to finish the cleaning tasks without much difficulty.
  • When you are ironing the clothes, make it sure that the ironing board is not very low.
  • While shopping, use a backpack or a trolley.
  • While working in your office take short breaks quite often and make gentle movements with full range of motion with your neck and shoulders.
  • When receiving a call do not put your phone between your shoulder and head. This will put unnecessary strain on your neck and shoulder.
  • If any work aggravates your symptoms, then stay away from it.

Several herbal medicines are available which you can use for pain relief.

You need to make a balance between your physical activity and rest to avoid painful situation.

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