The Importance of High Intensity Interval Training Classes with Weights For Fitness

The HIIT class with weights has several advantages for our bodies. HIIT makes the body to burn fat three times faster, accompanied with the development of muscles. Lifting weights by itself does not help burn fat and also cardiovascular exercises, such as running, helps muscles develop a little. Therefore, we must combine the HIIT class with weights to make them more efficient.

While in high intensity interval training (HIIT) class with weights, there is the movement of explosive activity at rest, confusion of muscles and therefore, the body reacts with a rapid growing muscle. At the same time, the heart rate will rise, burn glucose and give you an excellent cardio session in a short time.

The most interesting thing about HIIT is what happens after leaving the HIIT class. HIIT produces a strong and excessive oxygen consumption effect after oxygen consumption since the body continues to use oxygen after exercise to restore the muscles to health. Then the body accelerates metabolism and continues to burn calories and fats during recovery, and this effect can last up to 24 hours after the end of training. Most HIIT workouts are less than 30 minutes.

Advantages of HIIT classes with weights

  1. burn more fat
  2. build a healthier heart
  3. lose weight, not muscle
  4. increase your metabolism

While performing high intensity interval training (HIIT) class with weights, focus on complex movements that challenge the entire body in the exercise. Try to include at least two exercises to restore your body. Do not completely restore your body before attacking the following exercises. For optimal results, lift the weight 5 times a week and perform HIIT Cardio 3-4 times a week for 25 minutes per session.

How to use HIIT with weights in training?

If you want to develop muscle and strength, I would recommend that you alternate complex exercises and exercises for isolation. Combined exercises are the best way to lose fat and build muscle at the same time with the use of more than one muscle group. Examples of complex exercises:

  • abdominal
  • deadlift
  • Shoulder Dam
  • Network Performance
  • Bank for the Press

There are other complex exercises that you can perform with many other complex exercises. Only some of them are listed above. A good routine could combine squats, kicks and shoulder presses. You can apply HIIT so that sleep levels are very low, for example from 1 to 2 minutes, and go from one expansion to another. At the end of the exercise, you can select a group of muscles for isolation. You can do things like biceps, triceps or even a chest. Although personally, I would once isolate the chest when I’m in the bank, I turn flies into the trunk with weights or sauces.

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