Plants in your diet: So simple and so beneficial for your health and well-being

Chemicals are used in many personal hygiene products, cosmetics, perfumes and in our foods. And we eat it every day!

Would you like to use healthier products? Are you looking for natural solutions for your well-being and your health? You have heard about the benefits of plants but you do not know how to consume them in a very simple way?

I propose to discover in this article how you could use the plants on a daily basis to improve your health and well-being without turning you into a gardener!

Plants: Our natural source of well-being!

Do not despair, healthy and natural alternatives exist: They are reliable, economical and effective. The plants , used for millennia by man, can meet your needs, whether it is for problems of sleep, digestion, nutritional deficiency to name but a few examples.

So of course, if I’m talking about plants, do not think you’ll be forced to grow them in your garden to make your home remedies. Companies specialize in the extraction of active compounds from these plants and subsequently incorporate them into healthy and natural products such as herbal teas or food supplements

Plant-based food supplements: You will not be able to do without them!

Let us take a closer look at the case of dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements can be very beneficial for your health and fitness . For years I have taken it to balance my diet (intake of vitamins, trace elements, omega 3 or 6, calcium, …).

But you can also take it for problems of sleep, vision, digestion or fatigue .

Salus offers a range of tablets in the form of capsules with plant extracts . Do you have problems sleeping? Valerian, melissa or passionflower will allow you to regulate in time your problems of sleep or your awakening at night.

Artichoke and dandelion are digestive plants, other plants will supplement your diet of iron or vitamins like the Floradix, which will allow you to fight against fatigue.

Other uses of plants in your diet

Finally, cumin, fennel, star anise, peppermint or coriander help in case of flatulence and spasms of the belly.

But that’s not all. Certain plants can help you detoxify your body, strengthen your immune defenses or bring you the trace elements (calcium, magnesium, vitamins) essential to the proper functioning of the body.

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