Lose your belly quickly

Bedaine, bide, buoy, can, fat belly … several names for one and the same problem that we are many to meet. To help you feel better about yourself, we are unveiling a program that works to quickly lose your belly, whether you are a man or a woman.

Follow these 3 tricks for 3 weeks and your belly will disappear. Program tested and approved by the editorial staff!

Tip 1: 3 minutes of sheathing per day

The belly is largely due to a relaxation of the abdominal muscles. To remedy this and have a flat stomach, the only localized exercise that brings results quickly is the sheathing. The classic abdominals are a false friend, they will tend to accentuate your belly.

To do the cladding efficiently, it is very simple, just do as in the picture below: put in the position of pump, and hold the position 1 minute. Then, pause for one minute and repeat three times. Repeat this exercise on a daily basis.

Cladding Exercise to Lose His Belly

Tip 2: 3 cardio sessions per week

The belly is also due to a localized accumulation of fat. To make this fat disappear, it will be necessary to perspire. Nothing better than cardio for that.

The best cardio exercise that exists: running on foot. Run 45 minutes three times a week. Do you prefer biking? It is also possible, but it will take more time for a similar result: 1h30 of bike is necessary to get the same results as 45 minutes of jogging.

Tip 3: Watch your diet

You suspect it, it will also take care of your diet. Minimize pastry, salt, alcohol and red meats. On the contrary, prefer fruits, vegetables, white meats and fish … And take the time to eat!

In the morning, opt for a good breakfast, avoid nibbling during the day and eat little starchy food at night. In short: to eat like a king in the morning, like a prince at noon, and like a poor man in the evening.

Cardio Exercise: jogging

By following these 3 tricks, you put all the chances on your side to lose your belly, and so sport a sculpted body this summer on the beach! Do you know other tricks to lose her belly? Do not hesitate to share them for comment.

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