Key Things to Consider When Undergoing Eyebrow Lifting Surgery

An eyebrow lifting surgery is also known as a forehead lift.  In most of the cases, this surgery helps remove or minimize wrinkles. The surgeon can also straighten eye lines. The surgeon lifts the muscles and tissue around the eyebrow area.  With the growing age, forehead lines become thick and eyebrows start dropping.  Wrinkles appear around eyebrow and on the forehead, making the person look older.

Undergoing Eyebrow Lifting Surgery

Why you should opt for eyebrow lift?

Because of aging, sun exposure, and gravity, your skin on your forehead gradually starts sagging. It loses its elasticity, which results in forming of lines and wrinkles. These frown lines make you look old and tired and convey the negative emotion of anger and sadness.  Some people develop creases between eyebrows.

One of the reasons people settling for an eyebrow lift is that it helps them regain their youthful looks. The surgery can make your face appear as wrinkle-free. After the surgery, you get back a refreshing look on your face.

Mostly, men go for eyebrow lift surgery when they are 40 to 65 years of age. But any man who thinks that his eyebrows are sagging can undergo the surgery. Women opt for the surgery to look beautiful. Many women need eyebrow lift for cosmetic reasons.

The surgery procedure

In most of the cases, the surgeon makes a single incision at one ear that goes up to the other ear. The incision crosses the forehead slightly but behind the hairline. This surgery method is also known as a coronal brow lift. The surgeon lifts up muscles and tissue. The excessive fat and skin are removed. Once the surgery is complete, the surgeon stitches the incision.

In an alternative method, the surgeon takes help of the endoscope, which is a camera attached at one end of a thin instrument. Due to the endoscope, the surgeon can make only a small incision to see clearly. Generally, the surgeons make 5 small incisions behind the hairline. This helps surgeons to insert surgical instruments. This way, the surgeon is able to tighten and lift tissues and muscles. An advantage of this method is that the patient can recover faster.

The surgeon considers facial rejuvenation procedures like an eyelift lift, known also as blepharoplasty. So, if you are thinking of taking up any facial surgery, you should consider both the eyebrow lift and face lift to get back your youthful look of the face.

The surgery procedure takes between one to two hours to complete. The patient can go home after the effects of the anesthesia are over. But in some cases, the surgeon may want the patient to stay in the hospital overnight.  The surgeon will wrap a bandage around the patient’s head. The bandage will be removed within two days. The stitches are generally removed within one to two weeks. The patient can resume normal activities after a day or two following surgery. But the patient is not allowed to bend down. It is crucial to follow the surgeon’s instruction post surgery and avoid taking any strain.

The patient can experience bruising and swelling in the forehead area. Some patients can also get swelling on eye and cheek for ten days after the surgery.  The results the patient was looking for will be realized only after around a month. This is because forehead muscles take time to settle.

Precautions to take

You are required to take some precautions before and after the surgery. The surgeon will give instructions that you need to follow strictly. You will be asked to stop taking any special hair treatments for at least one month after the surgery. The use of chemicals and dye is also prohibited. This means that if you must have a chemical hair treatment, do it before the surgery.

You may also be required to keep your face elevated for one to two weeks following the surgery. Avoid removing bandages prematurely. Your surgeon will do it in the right way.

Possible complications

Every surgery has its own risks and complication. The patient must be aware of them. There are some risks associated with eyebrow lift surgery in India as well.  Bleeding is a common feature of every surgery. But it may also lead to blood clotting under the skin due to a broken blood vessel. This can sometimes lead to creating a condition called hematoma. In some cases, it may lead to swelling, inflammation, and pain in the area.

Sometimes, an infection can become a problem after the surgical procedure is over. The patient can experience fever, tiredness, redness, and swelling of the surgery area. The surgeon will treat this issue with antibiotics.

Some patients may experience permanent hair loss around the surgery area due to the formation of a scar. To fix this, the surgeon may also go for hair transplant surgery, if the scar is around the scalp area.  It may also be that you are not able to move your forehead or eyebrows after surgery. To tackle that, you may be required to undergo additional corrective surgery.

Before you undergo the surgery, tell your surgeon about any medications you are taking. Tell if you have any allergies. If you do not tell, then you may have skin rashes due to an allergic reaction. Sometimes it may result in more complications for the patient. So, be transparent in your talks with the surgeon and tell everything about your medical history.

Look for a highly qualified surgeon who is formally trained to deal with brow lift surgery. Go to the surgeon who has many years of experience in performing the surgery.

We can say that eyebrow lifting surgery successfully fixes the issues related to eyebrow and forehead. You get back the youthful freshness of face as most of the wrinkles are removed. The sagging eyebrow is lifted up to give it a youthful shape again. However, it is important to talk to your surgeon and know about the surgical procedure a bit. Take all the precautions before and after the surgery as per the surgeon’s instructions.

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