Is it normal to have spasms when sleeping?

Surely, on some occasion or with some frequency, notes that when you are about to sleep and, even, you are already sleeping, you fall and that your body moves involuntarily for that sensation. It is what is known as nocturnal or myoclonic spasms.

But is it normal to have spasms when sleeping? From a tapedaily we will try to answer if these spasms during sleep are normal, in addition to explaining why they occur and the possible treatments or remedies that can be put into practice to prevent them.

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Is it normal to have spasms when sleeping?

Why sleep spasms occur

Treatments to eliminate spasms when sleeping

Is it normal to have spasms when sleeping?

In general, it is quite usual that people have frequent or sporadic, at a certain time in their lives, spasms when sleeping. In fact, it is much more common than people initially believe. In particular, some medical studies indicate that around 70% of people suffer from them. In addition, they are more frequent in young children, although adults also have spasms when sleeping.

A figure that may seem alarming, although it does not have to be. And the positive side of this data is that these spasms are not harmful , in general, to health. However, they can become annoying and make it difficult to rest if the person wakes up and suffers frequently throughout the night.

In any case, what seems clear is that they have no relation to what is being dreamed, even if one has the feeling that we are falling.

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In this other article we give you some tips so you know what to do to sleep well .

Why sleep spasms occur

Spasms are related to a feeling that the person falls into nothingness or emptiness during sleep, apart from experiencing other symptoms such as faster pulse and breathing. Even, sometimes, the person has a greater sweating.

The reasons why sleep spasms occur are diverse. Among the main causes that explain them is the excess of fatigue or fatigue, as well as stress. Also lack of sleep or taking stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine are part of that set of factors, among many other possible.

Any of these causes favors that, when the person is sleeping or is already asleep, feel those spasms that are nothing more than nervous stimuli that escape from the brain.

And is that, as one goes into the dream phase, it takes place as a kind of battle between the brain area that controls sleep and that paralyzes the body – while the muscles are still asleep -, and the motor system .

This conflict causes these spasms to be generated randomly in the different parts of the body -normally the extremities such as the legs and arms-, when the motor system imposes its orders on the part of the brain that exercises control over sleep. In this way, spasms is the way to release energy from the body.

Treatments to eliminate spasms when sleeping

When episodes of sleep spasms are very frequent and make it difficult to rest , it may be necessary to follow some treatment. Typically, specialists provide drugs that reduce symptoms. These medications tend to have a relaxing effect although, in some cases, it is possible that drugs used to treat epilepsy may be prescribed .

Previously, it will always be necessary for the doctor to perform a clinical examination and the relevant medical tests to verify that the spasms when sleeping are not caused by any health problem, either physical or psychological.

This clinical study will also help determine the best possible treatment based on symptoms and periodicity because not all drugs act equally. An important fact is that always any medical treatment has to be controlled by the doctor because these drugs have side effects.

Anyway, if you have spasms when sleeping, although they are not very frequent but you are worried, it is good to go to the specialist to, at least, be calmer. It is an advice of tapedaiy that we hope will help you, like this article, to understand what these involuntary movements are and if it is normal to have spasms when sleeping.

This article is merely informative, in a COMO we do not have the faculty to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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