How to treat a cold when you are pregnant?

How to treat a cold when you are pregnant?

When you are pregnant, it is not always easy to take care of yourself. In addition, in those moments, our immune system is less effective … Because of this, we catch easily cold and we have a cold. But we can not take anything to relieve ourselves! Indeed, even medicines that seem harmless (such as aspirin) can affect the development of the fetus or promote premature delivery. But do not worry, Grandma is there. We explain how to treat a cold when you are pregnant .

Treat your cold with onion

Many products are banned when we are pregnant. Not always easy to know what to take or not! Fortunately, the onion is allowed. And this is one of the most effective ingredients to counter the common cold. We recommend you this trick .

Relieve a cold with salt

Salt, added to water, is also very effective. Once again, this is something you can easily use. In addition, this is not contraindicated in pregnancy. This can as well relieve your throat as your nose. Check out a tip about it right now.

Reflexes to take

When you have a cold, you should be careful to drink enough. Hot drinks are the ones that will relieve you the most. It is also necessary to consume many fruits and vegetables. These will bring the vitamins, minerals and proteins you need. We must also rest. Needless to force you to run everywhere. Your body, and your baby, need rest, so give yourself moments of calm.

Also be aware that aromatherapy (the use of essential oils) is contraindicated. Although some may be used after the first three months of pregnancy, always consult a health care professional beforehand. To learn more about this, we recommend this article.

And thanks to these different tricks and reflexes, you know how to treat a cold when you are pregnant . Remedies that we have already used and which have helped us a lot. In any case, think about taking care of yourself!

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