How to make natural household products for the maintenance of the house

Most of you are looking for the miracle product to maintain the house and linen. But, the most effective products are not the ones you believe. Indeed, you can make natural household products at home with simple and ecological ingredients. Thus, you will save money, a gesture for the planet, but especially cleaning will be more effective.

Eco-friendly home product recipes for every room in your home

Make your own home-made baking soda product

For the kitchen

Most of you use dishwashing liquid several times a day. This can quickly cost you dearly! The solution is to make a homemade dishwashing product like your grandmothers did. To do this, you simply put 200 grams of Marseille soap and a teaspoon of baking soda into a bottle of empty and clean used dishwashing liquid. Then you only have to fill with remaining water and add about 20 drops of lemon essential oil. Finally, shake to homogenize without too much foaming.

For the bathroom

The limestone appears quickly and it is sometimes difficult to make it disappear. For this, you can manufacture your natural anti-limestone product yourself. Nothing simpler, because you only need lemon juice to put on a soft cloth to rub the surface. Another tip is to put a slice of lemon directly and then leave it a few minutes.

For toilets

Making a natural cleansing product for toilets is very simple, especially for those with a septic tank! Simply mix 3/4 of white vinegar and 1/4 of water in a spray bottle. Then you can add about 20 drops of essential oils of tee trea (antibacterial action) and lemon (descaling action).

For the room

It is possible to clean a mattress in a totally ecological way and at a lower cost, sprinkling baking soda over its entire surface. It is best to do it outdoors if you do not want to clean the floor afterwards. Then, you leave about an hour and finally vacuum. Your mattress will be like new!

For the stay

Ready-to-use products can leave traces on your liters. The best solution to wash your windows is to make an environmentally friendly and natural product that will be more efficient. The recipe is simple, just mix 7 cl of white vinegar, one tablespoon of eco-friendly dishwashing liquid and 3/4 of lukewarm water.

Manufacturing environmentally friendly laundry products

Clean your laundry with your own natural products

Making the laundry yourself

Laundry back soon! Grandmothers have a trick to make free laundry by collecting wood ash from your chimney or from a loved one. Then add water and let sit for a week. Finally, filter with a cloth.

Homemade Softener Recipe

Just like laundry, the softener represents a certain cost. As they say “one is never better served than by oneself”. Therefore, you can make a homemade softener. For this, mix glycerin, water and white vinegar. Finally, the preparation will be added at the end of the cycle of the washing machine.

Feel free to share your home maintenance tips and linen in the comments. Other recipes for natural and ecological household products can be found on Grandmother’s Tips website.


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