How to make a good varnish on nails.

how to successfully varnish

And if you take advantage of a moment of calm to make (or redo) your varnish! The weather begins to turn gray, so this is the perfect time to put color on your nails. Red, blue, green, golden or even glitter, all tastes are allowed. Except that here, very often, we apply to get beautiful hands, and the result is not necessarily live up to our expectations … But that will change thanks to Grandmother, because we will explain how well to achieve its varnish ! With these tricks, you will become an ace of paint on nail.

Take care of your hands

And if before we start we took care of our hands. So that your varnish has a beautiful rendering, it is already necessary that these are pretty not? So let’s take the time to pamper them a little. Here is a quick recipe for having soft hands and shiny nails .

Dry varnish faster

We do not know for you, but our main concern to succeed in our varnish is to let it dry. It never goes fast enough and because of our clothes, our hair or other, it ends up being nasty scratches on our nails. It’s still a pity! This spoils the varnish … Fortunately, there are simple things to make it dry faster . Discover them now!

Holding your varnish

Once the varnish has dried properly, it must still remain in place! In many cases, the latter flakes quickly and you have only to remove it. It’s a pity, it happens that it does not take more than two days! Fortunately, Grandmother knows a way to remedy this, with this  trick to make her varnish hold . You will tell us about the news !!

Fluidify your varnish

Your preferred varnish is a little aging? And you do not want to throw it away until it’s empty? You are right, it would be a pity to spoil it. But do not worry, you do not have to do it because a very simple trick exists to avoid it .

Remove a stain of varnish on a garment

As you apply your varnish, a drop came to stain your clothes? Do not panic ! Even if it is not easy to remove it, there are methods to clean your coat. You will not have to recycle it in a batch of old rags.

Here are all our best tips to guarantee you an optimal coating of your varnish. Thanks to the latter, you now know how to achieve a good varnish , from start to finish. So if we did it now?

Do not hesitate to give us your opinion on these different tricks. And if you have any other questions or requests, you can ask them in a comment or via our Facebook page!

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