How to fight flies inside the house and naturally

During the summer, the flies make their appearance by constantly turning around us. These insects are especially not very hygienic, because they bring bacteria and other microbes. Therefore, natural, ecological, simple and economical tricks exist to fight flies inside the house.


Avoiding flies in the home in a natural way

Pests are not welcome in your home. So, it is better to avoid flies in the house thanks to simple, economical and natural solutions. To do this, plant in planters on the edge of your windows the following plants: lavender, elder, mint, aurone, absinthe or wormwood. Plus, it will perfume your home. But also, you can plant a tomato foot under your windows or in your entrance to prevent the flies from entering the house. Another solution is to prick an onion of cloves, boil it and place it in a jar filled with alcohol vinegar. Place it high. Finally, simply pass white vinegar or a decoction of walnut leaves on your furniture and your floor. But, if the flies are already present in your interior,

Use anti-fly plants to prevent them from entering your home

Hunting flies naturally

If the flies are in your home, do not panic and do not get upset! Solutions are at your fingertips to hunt flies naturally. First, you can plant cloves in a lemon cut in half and place one in the rooms of your house. Or simply, place a pot of basil. In addition, the decoction of leaves of walnut or eucalyptus, to be sprayed, is formidable to cause the flies to leave the house. Finally, the last trick is to put in a bowl a little cider vinegar with Marseille soap in liquid form.

If you really can not hunt the flies from the house, you have the opportunity to trap them. To do this, take a plastic bottle, cut it in half. Then, place the neck inside the other part and for the trap to work, put a sugary body of water in it. Now you’ve managed to get the flies out of the house , but they’ve surely left you small gifts.

Cleaning foul stains inside the home

If you’ve had flies in your home, there’s certainly some defilement that you’re going to have to leave, because it’s not very decorative. So, you just have to cut an onion in two and then rub the stain on windows, mirrors, frames, gilding, marbles and paints. But, you can also use the cooking water of onions. For varnished furniture, think of white wine. Finally, to clean the dung patches on your leather armchairs or other leather objects, use a paper towel or cotton soaked in milk.

Half-onion for rubbing tasks

After using all these natural tricks to fight flies inside the house, these insects will only be a distant memory. Do not hesitate to share your solutions, to fight flies naturally, in the comments. Find other tips to get rid of flies naturally on Grandmother’s Tips website.


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