How can we make our hair beautiful

We are often asked for tricks to have beautiful hair. Indeed, we do not always have time to deal with it and the products of the trade seem sometimes not very effective, and are rather expensive. And yet, how one would like to have a dream hair! Thanks to the little tricks of Grandmother, it is quite possible. Here are our best tips for beautiful hair .

Moisturizing your hair

It is important to make hair masks so that your hair receives what they need. Often, we think that the products we need are only found in the hairdresser or in supermarkets. Think again ! What you have in your kitchen can do the trick. There are two masks we make regularly. The advantage is that they adapt according to what you have at home, and your schedule. The first is a very fast hair care and can be done in 20 minutes maximum. The second requires more time, (at least two hours) but it is a moisturizing mask for hair  damaged effectively.


If your hair is dry and brittle, it is often because they are not fed enough. And that, we do not always understand! They must be protected from external aggression so that they become stronger, more beautiful and more resistant. We therefore recommend you to make oil baths .

Moderate washing

Many people have the reflex to wash their hair every day … This is not ideal for your beautiful mane, far from it. On the contrary, it will weaken it and it will regrease even faster. In order to avoid this situation, we recommend that you moderate the washing , do it less often. It seems easier said than done? No problem, Grandma has some tricks to help you.

Stop heat sources

If you take care of your hair and you use these tricks to have beautiful hair , it is a shame to reduce your efforts to nothing by abusing them. If you smooth your hair frequently, know that it will damage them. But do not worry, there are natural solutions to smooth her hair without hurting them. This will allow you to style your hair without hurting them!

And here, thanks to these little tricks, you have all the keys in hand to have a beautiful hair. These are simple, natural, effective and economical things. So this is the ideal! Do not hesitate to give us your results, or your other tips if you have an

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