Green clay mask: Prepare it with recipes adapted to your skin

The mask of green clay, natural product by

excellence, has extraordinary virtues for the skin .

In mask or poultice, green clay helps to calm pain or aches, but also to take care of your skin effectively.

In the following lines, discover the virtues of a green clay mask and watch our video showing you how to prepare a green clay mask from home.

Disinfectant, purifying or anti-aging, discover our recipes of mask green clay that is suitable for you.

The benefits of a green clay mask

Green clay has  nourishing, disinfecting, absorbing properties . It leaks microbes and bacteria, regulates excess sebum and regenerates tissue.

The green clay mask is an  essential element in your wellness routine, it helps purify your skin and helps and combat unsightly pimples

A green clay mask is recommended for normal skin and oily skin.

The steps to prepare a green clay mask.

Preparing yourself a green clay mask is a very simple, fun and economical operation. There is no need to buy a ready-made green clay mask.

P refers to green clay powder , which allows you to incorporate other natural ingredients into your preparation such as vegetable oils or essential oils.

Watch this video that explains in detail how to prepare your green clay mask:

Our green clay mask recipes

Depending on the purpose you are looking for, you can add additional natural ingredients to the basic preparation.

Disinfectant green clay mask (for oily skin)

This is the type of green clay mask that I present in the video. It is a simple mixture of green clay with water. Apply this mask of green clay between 10 mn and 20 mn avoiding the outline of the eyes.

Purifying green clay mask

Add 4 drops of Tea Tree ( Tea Tree ), Lemon , Lavender or Rosemary to Cineole to the disinfectant green clay mask .

Discover also our other homemade purifying mask recipes .

Anti-aging green clay mask.

This green clay mask works effectively against aging skin.

Simply add 1 tablespoon of argan oil and 1 tablespoon of rose water . Leave the mask for 20 minutes before rinsing.

This mask prevents the appearance of wrinkles and reduces those that are already present on the face . Argan oil is an anti-aging treatment very powerful and very effective.

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