CBD against Opioid Epidemic

The last decade United States has seen a terrible phenomenon – It what is known as  opioid epidemic and  has disastrous consequences. According to governments statistics round one hundred Americans die each day due to the the misuse of opioids.

CBD against Opioid Epidemic

This sound like a horrible number and refers not only the deaths of illegal substances like heroin, but also (and basically) the ones caused by prescribed medications, like many that are prescribed by doctors to alleviate their patients’ pains.

It is no secret that many of the doctors over-prescribe quite a lot, opioid medications

The relevant facts( from 2015) speak for themselves.

  • Almost five million people seem to have misused their prescribed opioid medication.
  • 33,091 people died from opioid medication overdoses.

Good news.What some decades ago was considered a taboo, now sound like a viable alternative solution. Cannabis is used safely against muscle aches and chronic pain disorders,. Fortunately, chronic pain is one of the most thoroughly researched applications of medical cannabis.

The once considered as evil plant now gives hope to the people suffering from pain and the toxic side effects of painkillers — Cannabis can Help

Over half of the country’s states have embraced legal medical cannabis as a means of dealing with a host of ailments, including chronic pain.

Patients who use both cannabis and opioids reported using less of their painkillers when they had access to legal medical cannabis.

But Is it true that Cannabis relieves pain?
There is so much talk about the medical properties of Cannabis lately. Although there is still a lot of scientific work under progress we can say that there is a lot of support for the use of cannabis as a way to fight pain. Many patients are turning to Cannabis in order to reduce their suffering from pain caused by several health conditions. Moreover as the laws are becoming more Cannabis friendly in many States many of these people are moving to places so they can find  their chosen medicine. For example in Florida doctors can prescribe Cannabis.

The evidence of cannabis’ ability as a significantly safer pain-relieving medication is piling up all of the time, both anecdotally and scientifically. It is the hope of many that the states that still enforce total cannabis prohibition look to the success of these states in reducing opioid-related deaths in how they decide to move forward.

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