Evolution of Hair transplants

Evolution of Hair transplants

From using hair plugs for hair restoration in the 1950s to using robots to do the job in the 21st century, hair transplant treatments have come a long way. Since its introduction in 1952 by Dr. Norman Orentreich, hair transplantation procedures have seen exponential evolutions in techniques as well as the treatments undertaken by the […]

hair loss

How hair loss has become a societal issue?

We all love our hair very much. None of us wish to lose our hair at any stage of life. These days hair fall is a common issue with all individuals. Lifestyle and other issues are the major causes of hair loss at an early age. You should accept the fact that hair fall is […]

Natural ways to remove unwanted body hair

We all like smooth hair free skin. Everyone has got a little body hair. Some people have little to no hair on their body others may have thick dark hair all over their body. From armpits to thighs they’re present everywhere. People try so many ways to get rid of the thick dark hair to […]