Perfect Heirloom

Finding the Perfect Heirloom Quality Present

Now, Kate Spade of New York is more than just any old department store.  When you take a peek at Kate Spade’s website you will quickly discover that they offer an outstanding selection of stylish women’s apparel.     One could spend all of Black Friday just wandering around their website, looking from women’s accessories to clothes to shoes to […]

Green clay mask.

Green clay mask: Prepare it with recipes adapted to your skin

The mask of green clay, natural product by excellence, has extraordinary virtues for the skin . In mask or poultice, green clay helps to calm pain or aches, but also to take care of your skin effectively. In the following lines, discover the virtues of a green clay mask and watch our video showing you how to prepare a green […]

how to get rid from acne

Against acne:how to get rid from acne

Blackheads, pustules or purple scars, how to get rid with an effective and natural acne remedy? Acne affects 85% of adolescents to a greater or lesser extent. Often very benign, unfortunately it appears at an age when the image of the body becomes important. In the following lines, you will discover natural remedies against acne, chemical free and simple […]

How can we make our hair beautiful

How can we make our hair beautiful

We are often asked for tricks to have beautiful hair. Indeed, we do not always have time to deal with it and the products of the trade seem sometimes not very effective, and are rather expensive. And yet, how one would like to have a dream hair! Thanks to the little tricks of Grandmother, it is quite possible. Here […]

Remedies For Increasing Self Confidence

4 Remedies For Increasing Self Confidences

4 Remedies For Increasing Self Confidence  Myrtle green, noble laurel, black pepper and savory mountains … these 4 essential oils will help us boost your confidence in you. Green myrtle to escape depression Originating from Corsica, Morocco, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean scrubland, the green myrtle – a small shrub with a slightly camphorated perfume […]

How to make a good varnish on nails.

How to make a good varnish on nails.

And if you take advantage of a moment of calm to make (or redo) your varnish! The weather begins to turn gray, so this is the perfect time to put color on your nails. Red, blue, green, golden or even glitter, all tastes are allowed. Except that here, very often, we apply to get beautiful hands, and the […]

tricks to take care of yourself

Tricks to take care of yourself

Some days, we spend our time running around, and doing a lot of things at the same time. It is exhausting, and we do not give ourselves enough time for ourselves. And just so, we gave ourselves a moment to relax, and breathe a little? Come on, it’s decided, we give ourselves a cocooning bubble. And for that, we […]