BPC – 157 – What It Is and Its Uses

BPC, for reasons you won’t believe, stands for Body Protection Compound. The human body produces this peptide naturally as part of it’s  gastric juices, but in very small proportions, and it is an enzyme ideal for protecting and healing the gut. The body produces a wide variety of hormones with BPC being very highly potent. This is because it’s uses go beyond bodybuilding and fighting the effects of aging.

BPC – 157

Below is a brief look into some of its potential applications:

Enhances tendon and ligament healing

For performance athletes, tendon and ligament tears are common occurrence. It is normally the desire of the athletes to heal as soon as possible and this is why there is rampant use of hormones and peptides in this industry. BPC – 157 happens to be just one of the favorite peptides they use for healing tendons and ligaments.

Counters the effects of NSAIDs

NSAIDs like ibuprofen and advil can sometimes come with undesired side effects to the users and for a long time, doctors and scientists searched for the perfect antidote that would counter it’s undesired side effects.  The answer came with the use of BPC – 157, which has now been proven to work in dealing with such side effects.

Helps with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

It has also been proved that BPC – 157 is effective in repairing damages caused by irritable bowel disease. With oral administration, it can bring relief in just a matter of days.

Helps in curing Periodontitis
For this condition, studies conducted in rodents led to the conclusion that the peptide may present a new solution for treating a variety of dental conditions.

The other confirmed benefits of this peptide include reversing impaired muscle healing and accelerating bone healing amongst others.

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