Against acne:how to get rid from acne

Blackheads, pustules or purple scars, how to get rid with an effective and natural acne remedy?

Acne affects 85% of adolescents to a greater or lesser extent. Often very benign, unfortunately it appears at an age when the image of the body becomes important.

acne remedyIn the following lines, you will discover natural remedies against acne, chemical free and simple to achieve .

Maybe you’ve already tried several acne remedies, maybe you’ve already spent tens of euros and you have not yet found the right acne remedy?

You do not know how to get out of it? You do not know what to do?

For an adolescent, it is important not to neglect to implement all the means and remedies against acne that can help to moderate its evolution and allow to wait for its natural disappearance.

Why are some acne remedies not effective after a while?

Acne is caused by the infection of the sebaceous glands of the skin that secrete throughout their lives protective sebum. This disease has infectious, circulatory, hormonal and psychic components .

This is why prolonged use of antibiotics can not be a cure for radical acne . It dramatically cleanses the skin at the beginning, and then there is a relapse due to the preponderance of non-microbial causes.

So what to do?

Homeopathy, green clay, magnesium chloride. Have you thought about these economical and simple solutions as an acne remedy?

Homeopathy: Useful acne remedy

homeopathy, cure for acneThe homeopathic remedies against acne are to take at least for 2 months and are very useful to treat this very disturbed ground of the passage of the adolescence to the life of adult.

  • For blackheads  : SELENIUM 9 CH, 3 granules 3 times a day
  • For pustules  : KALIUM BROMATUM 9 CH, 3 granules 3 times daily

Complete this treatment with the following acne remedies:

Green Clay: The Cure for Acne

You can use green clay in 2 different ways:

  • By preparing a cleansing lotion
  • or by making a mask on the face .

Green Acne Cleansing Lotion

Here’s how to prepare a cleansing lotion with green clay that will serve as an acne remedy.

  • Mix one tablespoon of green clay in about 10 tablespoons of mineral water.
  • Let stand for 2 hours.
  • Moisten a piece of cotton with this colored water (without touching the clay) and pass it over the areas to be treated.
  • rinse

(This lotion only keeps for 2 days)

The Green Clay Mask: Effective Acne Remedy

green clay: an effective acne remedy Finally, you can also prepare a mask with green clay. Green clay is very absorbent.

It is also antiseptic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory  and thus helps to purify and eliminate toxins from the body.

A green clay mask is therefore a very good acne remedy and helps eliminate excess sebum, often responsible for acne .

  • For a teenager, I prefer to offer you to buy a mask of green clay all ready, it will be much easier to use for him.
  • Make this clay mask green 2 or 3 times a week (application time 15 minutes) .
  • If you prepare your mask yourself from green clay powder, count one tablespoon of clay for the face with about the same amount of mineral water.

You can add in your preparation the following essential oils: Tea tree, rosewood or lavender aspic for more effectiveness against acne.

Magnesium Chloride: Effective Remedies for Acne

To mitigate the effects of acne, there is absolutely no need to resort to the very expensive chemicals sold in the trade. The magnesium chloride will be for you an excellent remedy against acne.

Simply apply a cotton pad soaked in magnesium chloride to the face after careful skin cleansing.

In the most acute cases , it is possible to complete this treatment by taking a glass of magnesium chloride 2 to 3 times a day.

Magnesium chloride will then be a very good complement to a mask of green clay.

Homeopathy, Green Clay, Magnesium Chloride: It’s up to you to act now! And why not give yourself every chance using these 3 acne remedies:  This is what I do with my son. You will get for just 10 € in your pharmacy.

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