4 Remedies For Increasing Self Confidences

4 Remedies For Increasing Self Confidence

 Essential oilMyrtle green, noble laurel, black pepper and savory mountains … these 4 essential oils will help us boost your confidence in you.

Green myrtle to escape depression

Originating from Corsica, Morocco, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean scrubland, the green myrtle – a small shrub with a slightly camphorated perfume – gives an essential oil that restores confidence and alleviates latent depressions.

Recommendation: drop 2 drops of essential oil of green myrtle on a handkerchief, and breathe directly. Ideal for sharpening your mind and gaining precision.

The noble laurel, for important appointments

Examinations, professional appointments, trials of life, challenges of all kinds, the oil extracted from the noble laurel gives you every chance to excel at important moments. It channels energy and increases the capacity for self-confidence.

Recommendation: 2 drops of noble laurel essential oil on a handkerchief before entering the scene. Alternatively, mix 2 drops with a teaspoon of vegetable oil type almond or macadamia and then massage the soles of the feet in the morning in times of stress .

Black pepper to take action

Pepper gives a boost. The essential oil extracted from the pepper tree gives us peps to both take action and keep the distance. Aphrodisiac, it also helps to preserve the flame.

Recommendation: 2 drops of black pepper essential oil on a handkerchief or in the kitchen, mixed with a fresh cream or melted dark chocolate.

The savory of the mountains to regain the spirits

The one called in the Middle Ages the “grass of the devil” reassures and invigorates the mind while toning the organism. It relieves intellectual fatigue and acts as a powerful anti-infectious, repelling respiratory and digestive viruses proper to the change of season.

Recommendation: Sniff two drops of essential oil of savory mountains on a handkerchief

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