How to make natural household products for the maintenance of the house

How to make natural household products for the maintenance of the house

Most of you are looking for the miracle product to maintain the house and linen. But, the most effective products are not the ones you believe. Indeed, you can make natural household products at home with simple and ecological ingredients. Thus, you will save money, a gesture for the planet, but especially cleaning will be more effective. Eco-friendly […]

gaseous waters to slim down

What gaseous waters to slim down?

Could consumption of sparkling water cause weight loss? This is what the nutritionist Dr. Alexandra Dalu explains to us by advising us the best waters to lose weight. Nutrient intake of carbonated water Some mineral-rich mineral waters such as magnesium and bicarbonate, if consumed after meals, facilitate the digestion of fat by limiting their absorption, says […]

Lose your belly quickly

Lose your belly quickly

Bedaine, bide, buoy, can, fat belly … several names for one and the same problem that we are many to meet. To help you feel better about yourself, we are unveiling a program that works to quickly lose your belly, whether you are a man or a woman. Follow these 3 tricks for 3 weeks and […]

Back pain clay poultice

Back pain: Clay Packs and Clay Treatments

How to relieve back pain? The clay alleviates pain and permanently relieves lumbago and other back pain. The preparation of this poultice is simple and fast. Repeat as many times as necessary. Grandmother’s cure for back pain Mix the clay with the water to get a muddy paste. Heat the dough in the oven for a few […]

tricks to take care of yourself

Tricks to take care of yourself

Some days, we spend our time running around, and doing a lot of things at the same time. It is exhausting, and we do not give ourselves enough time for ourselves. And just so, we gave ourselves a moment to relax, and breathe a little? Come on, it’s decided, we give ourselves a cocooning bubble. And for that, we […]